Build A Wardrobe You Can Count On: Juice Beauty

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Age Defy Green Apple Collection

Juice Beauty has been one of my “go to” skin care and make-up lines since being pregnant with my 2nd daughter 3.5yrs ago. My skin had become severely dry and sensitive. It became so uncomfortable, I resorted to wearing Aquaphor on my face!!

SO began my search for products that were effective, anti-aging, and organic!  One of my hugest concerns were the ingredients listed in anti-aging skin care products that would have been harmful to an unborn baby: parabens, phthalates, and countless other chemicals.

After many failed attempts on finding the right skin care line, I stumbled onto the Juice Beauty website and the rest was history. I ordered the Treatment Oil, Mask, Sensitive Peel, and Tinted Moisturizer. I  SAW AN IMMEDIATE improvement on my skin as soon as I started using the products.

So here’s your chance to try some great products for FREE!!!! Juice Beauty is going to giveaway products to a lucky winner from their Age Defy Green Apple line.





Written by Fanny Woo