Brandon Esposito on Beauty, Fashion & War with Cleo Caban

Beauty, Fashion & War | Episode 14: Brandon Esposito

Listen to Brandon Esposito, our Chief Executive Officer, in an interview with Cleo Caban, the charismatic host of the new podcast, Beauty, Fashion & War!

Interested in learning more about Cleo Caban? Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming feature on the fashion world’s newest media personality!


  1. That was an awesome radio interview Brandon :) You cracked me up when you said if “I don’t have my coffee in the morning, I would not be distinguishable from an extra on the walking dead.” LoL
    I admire how much you care about Urban Darling and everyone involved in Urban Darling. It was also really nice that you suggest Urban Darling stylist Jackie be on the radio show to talk about her experiences, I would love to hear it, I know that :) Congrats to you and Luisa on your successful radio interviews! :)

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