While some areas of the U.S. are warmer than others, one thing we all have in common is our desire to get Spring Season ready!  The time to prepare is now! Some of those essentials are Sun screen, spring hats, sandals, and sundresses. However, what about being “bikini ready”? NOT TO WORRY! Take my advice on fitting your body to the right swimwear per your body shape.



Having a Pear Shape, means having a curvy bottom and a smaller top. In other words, your weight is held at the lower half part of your body. Due to having hips and thighs, the key is to balance body proportions. Don’t go for boy short-kini (boy shorts) because that will bring more attention to your bottom. Instead, simply look for a bikini bottom where the coverage is at the bottom half so the attention is focused on your entire figure rather than just the bum. Try high cut or low cut brief. (To find the right top for a smaller bust, see athletic)





An Apple Shape figure means having a full bust and round tummy. In other words, your weight is held at the upper half part of your body. Show off your legs with a tankini, or body shaper swimsuit to highlight those legs! For an un-toned tummy, look for a bikini in a solid color to create a lean silhouette. If you decide to pick a floral or print swimsuit, make sure its the right style (tankini or body shaper).





The perfect style for an hour glass figure (full bust, round hips and small waist) is keeping the look classic! Bra style top with a high cut bottom. Low plunge necklines are also good for those that have a full bust. However, if you  have a full bust, try going a cup bigger for support.





Athletic shapes have often been referred to having narrow shoulders and hips. Bright prints and frills are perfect for this body shape to add some volume on top. Athletic bodies usually have a small bust, therefore fringe, bold prints,  padding, or wearing a halter bikini top may create cleavage giving the illusion of a bigger bust (which is the idea!). String bikini’s with triangle squares and bandeau’s also work well with this shape.




Some great swimsuits to hide or shape non-toned tummies are finding classic swimsuits that have cutouts or details. Those cut outs will draw the attention away from the tummy to give you a very sexy lean look! Try finding swim suits with sheer details if you are not comfortable with cut out swim suits.








Don’t worry about what is in season as far as swim suit fashion. Find the best style that suits your body! You will look and feel more stylish when you find the right swim suit to compliment your body type.


What’s your shape and style? 

With Love,

Written by Vanessa Espinoza