Becky Witte

Becky WitteBecky believes that taking charge of your image and your wardrobe is empowering. As a fashion retailing executive for over 25 years, Becky has traveled to almost every state in the U.S. eyeing fashion trends and translating them into her everyday life. Her belief is that your lifestyle should dictate what you wear first and foremost and then trends can be layered on to create your own unique style. A wardrobe is like a house, it needs to be built from the foundation up.

Traveling extensively for work, while balancing a family, two homes and an antiques business, taught Becky how to pack efficiently, while being able to create multiple looks way beyond the “black pants rut” that so many women get stuck in. Others noticed and soon Becky was styling her colleagues, being called for fashion advice and having requests to “watch her pack.”

Becky advises women to find their “inner babe” which means having fun with your wardrobe, no matter what your age and making that “babe” (or “dude”), shine! She recommends looks for every arena of your life, not just work. Mom’s need to look cute too! The goal is not to make you look like someone else, just a better version of you. Becky also recommends adding vintage finds and personal/sentimental touches to bring meaning into your wardrobe. You should wear your clothes & not the other way around. And the best part of all; this can be accomplished on any budget. The right pieces don’t have to be expensive to look stylish.

Becky Witte

Written by Becky Witte