Hope you’re not too disappointed we aren’t talking about President’s Day. We just don’t like to mix with politics… We received a question from a client the other day about Lace. What she wanted to know what was the age limit for someone to wear lace. Hmmm, how do you answer? I believe that you can really wear a lot at any age but it depends on how/what it is. Most of all it’s confidence and comfort. Let’s take these outfits for example:Here are examples of lace in a shirt, dress and skirt. These outfit may work on women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.
What do you think?

1. Black lace top, jeans and flats

2. Nude lace dress with heels

3. Red button down top, lace skirt and flats


How to wear lace
Written by Urban Darling