~ Who We Are ~


Then and Now

Founded by Corinne Phipps in 2006, Urban Darling charted personal styling’s first foray into the digital realm. Under Corinne’s leadership, the idea of making styling services accessible to all was made into a reality.

Today, that reality is manifest in Urban Darling’s team of dedicated stylists, who offer everything from youthful energy and a talent for spotting trends to perspectives forged over years of navigating an industry in constant flux. Since its rebirth in February of 2014, Urban Darling’s mission has been to build upon the vision of its founder and become a mecca for all things style. With new and unique content posted on a daily basis, and monthly contests for the style-obsessed, Urban Darling is your one-stop style destination.



Luisa Lucia

Chief Creative Officer

Urban Darling’s CCO is the creative force behind everything from site aesthetics to content development. A stylist herself, Luisa brings a broad range of industry experiences to the table, infusing Urban Darling with a healthy dose of the unorthodox. When weighing in on matters of strategy, Luisa’s first thoughts are of her fellow Darlings.

“I’ve always believed that style is an external representation of who a person is at his or her core. Urban Darling stylists work from the inside out to reveal and define the unique qualities that make each of us extraordinary. I speak from experience when I say that a styling session can be transformational. I invite you to contact one of our Darlings and experience it for yourself.”  


Brandon Esposito

Executive Chairman

Urban Darling’s Executive Chairman brings cold numbers to haute couture. Drawing from his background in business and finance, Brandon orchestrated the acquisition of Urban Darling and its transformation into what you see today. His defining experience as an attorney was his pro-bono work with victims of intimate partner violence, which inspired Urban Darling’s vision of empowerment through style.

“I rebuilt this company on a platform of women’s empowerment, but the reality is, it’s the women who are doing the empowering. I make myself useful by staying largely invisible. Ultimately, our Darlings have a much better understanding of how to connect with clients and show them that we are all unique, that none of us is inadequate, that each one of us is beautiful.”