I have seen a lot of polka dots everywhere lately! On manicured nails, sweaters, blazers, bags, shoes, shirts, etc! Polka dots may take us back to when we were a child; reminding us of our carefree days. Although Polka dots may reflect a child like type of pattern, there are ways to take this print and wear it in our adult world! The best way to wear Polka dots is to find pieces that are modern or chic. Here is how I styled my Polka Dots!



I decided to knot my button-shirt at the bottom instead of tucking it in. This shirt tucked in would of made it more “formal” and I wanted to keep this look comfy and laid back.




By adding the metallic clutch,  I am mixing formal pieces (the clutch) with modern looks. This same clutch is one I have taken to weddings and other formal events! It’s amazing how a ‘fancy’ clutch can fit many types of environments including this casual and low-key look.



If you want to down play this look further, I suggest you switch the shoes to sneakers, flats, or cute sandals. You can always switch the boyfriend jeans to skinny jeans or shorts to create a whole new outfit!


Styling Tip: Picking modern and/or chic pieces with a Polka Dot print is the best way to wear this look! Steer clear from items that appear more “childish” such as a polka dot bow, headband, or sweetheart neckline.


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I hope this inspires you to try Polka-Dots this season! 

Much Love,




Written by Vanessa Espinoza